There will be no Solomon Kane Film Comic-Con trailer release!

After browsing the web since Comic-Con like a maniac, trying to find the trailer for the Solomon Kane Film, they have shown at Comic-Con and not finding anything, not even a recording of the panel itself (while all other panels were recorded *sigh*) Mr. Bassett joined us raving rabid fans in the Conan forum and explained to us that there will be no release of the Solomon Kane Film Trailer from Comic-Con. It seems that they haven’t got the license for the music used in the trailer to release it worldwide over the net, the trailer was and is a Comic-Con exclusive.

Additionally the crowd that could have recorded the panel was largely consisting of Lost fans and so they also did not take the chance to be thrown out of Hall H for illegal recording and the observers really took care no one dared to move up his camera with torch lights and an active eye on the viewers.

Another interesting part of his post was the information that release dates swarming the net are not set or fixed or anything and even the producers themselves, that release the Solomon Kane Film in their own territory, do not know yet when to release it, so stay tuned on release dates, the ones shown at IMDB are not the correct ones.

And finally, he talked about the “Solomon returning to America” part of the panel, which was largely just a vague comment right out of his head, since he knew there were plans years ago to make a Solomon Kane Film in America. He wanted to clarify, that the second and third film are so far away into the future, that no one really knows exactly what they are going to be.

Thanks Mr. Bassett for keeping us in the loop, your openness is most welcome in these vague times!

Solomon Kane Comic-Con panel coverage overview

Here is a small list of panel coverage for the Solomon Kane Comic-Con panel on the web. Twitter was burning with positive comments and only very very very few people did not like what they saw or what Mr. Bassett or Mr. Purefoy told to the crowd. Practically everyone seemed to be thrilled and amazed at what was shown and how such a brilliant film doesn’t have instant distribution yet in the US.

Beware: Some of the panel reviews contain spoilers, but they are not too bad and if you have been following the film so far, you will already know the general outline of the film anyway. We will update the list, if more articles become available that do not only repeat the information of earlier ones.

Solomon Kane Presented at ComicCon

“Solomon Kane” found new allies today in the film’s quest for an American distributor, thrilling a delighted audience gathered in Hall H at the San Diego ComicCon.  On hand to present the  Davis Film Production were producer Samuel Hadida, film director Michael J. Bassett, and the film’s star, actor James Purefoy.

After screening the film’s first trailer, director Bassett presented a series of film clips, beginning with an impressive action sequence that depicted an assault on a North African fortress and Kane’s first encounter with a supernatural nemesis.  Following the screening, Mr. Basset and Mr. Purefoy took questions from the audience, discussing among other things their research and preparation for the film.

Early reaction to the screening was overwhelmingly positive, in keeping with the favorable reviews of earlier screenings of the film.  One reviewer for the IGN website compared the audience reaction to “Solomon Kane” with the positive reception at ComicCon accorded Zack Snyder’s highly successful “300.”

The Solomon Kane panel opened with an exclusive, Comic Con-only trailer that, in this reporter’s opinion, created the biggest “what the hell is this super-cool movie no one had been following?!” reaction since the 300 trailer debuted here a few years ago.

A little sneak peak at the Solomon Kane poster and more…

Solomon Kane Poster

Solomon Kane Poster

Through god’s will we have received a little sneak peak at the Solomon Kane film poster that Michael J. Bassett will reveal and give out to the fans at his Comic-Con presentation on Saturday at 12: 15 – 1:15  in Hall H. But that is not all, there is also a still frame of a scene from the film, which looks absolutely gorgeous in my eyes and is beautifully framed.

It has been a long way for the producers, the director, the crew and everyone else working on the film and i can only grasp at the relief and at the same time the tension they feel for revealing their baby they’ve worked on so hard for several years to the public.

If all scenes of the film are as beautifully shot as this picture, i wholeheartedly agree with Harry Knowles review and say that this film is beautifully shot. I am hyped like a child to see more of this on Saturday and cannot wait to see the scenes pop up on the internet somewhere and we will of course inform you once that happens.

Solomon Kane film frame

Solomon Kane film frame

Solomon Kane film goes to Toronto!

Michael J. Bassett has just informed the intarwebz on his blog of the puritans presence on the Toronto Film Festival! The Solomon Kane Film will be shown as part of the Midnight Madness section of the festival. There is no hard date for the screening yet, but Mr. Bassett will keep us all posted on the status.

As Mr. Bassett points out, the Toronto Film Festival is a real movie-goers event. The section the film will be shown in, will hopefully be full of genre fans that get excited about the film and spread the word of its greatness even further.

I hope the film amazes the normal people and genre fans alike, so the North-American distribution deal will be sealed with a good cut for the producers of the film. Because in the end, every person that watches the film in the cinema, increases the chance of a great sequel! So i will repeat myself, beating your eardrums to mush: Spread The Word!

The Chronicles of Solomon Kane by Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse is going to extend their Robert E. Howard Comic selection by another re-release of Marvel Comics with the release of The Chronicles of Solomon Kane. It’s a collection of all Marvel Solomon Kane stories written by Roy Thomas and others. The issues will be released in December this year and you can already preorder it in several online shops.

Even though this is a pastiche story release, i think i will grab a copy of the issue, to see what Roy Thomas did with this REH character in the comics. (I was a bit to young in the 1970 – 1980 to read the originals) Even though i did not agree with how he changed the Conan character in the Marvel Comics, his stories where interesting and the Marvel Comics fun to read.

And let’s not forget that Comics lead to Comic-Con and there we will get our hands on the first scenes of the Solomon Kane film 😉

Solomon Kane at ComicCon Update

Michael J. Bassett posted on his website this update on his planned appearance at the San Diego ComicCon on Saturday, July 25th.

“It’s tricky for an independant movie to get it’s voice heard amongst the cacophony of studio and network projects that are vying for attention but James and I will be there for those who want to come and say hi. I think we’re in the main hall after the LOST crew have finished up on Saturday. We’d better be, James and I have got our plane tickets and I’ve just rented a car so we can drive down from LA together.”

We hope that Misters Bassett and Purefoy remember that in American one drives on the right side of the road.

Now we have a clear date and location on the appearnce of Mr. Basset and Mr. Purefoy its Saturday, July 26 from 12: 15 – 1:15 Hall H

Solomon Kane trailer on Comic-Con!

Michael J. Bassett has informed us on his blog, that he will attend Comic-Com and take with him some shots and scenes of his dark fantasy, horror film Solomon Kane. He said that maybe James Purefoy will also be there at Comic-Con to meet the fans and present the film together with him to the hero hungry comic crowd at the Convention.

Also, and this is super cool, Solomon Kane is going to Comic-Con.  It’s not finally, finalised but I think the hunky Mr Purefoy and myself will show a few little clips and maybe the trailer (if the damn thing is finished) around midday on Saturday 25th.   Details still a little up in the air but I can’t wait to go.  Stay tuned.

We can barely wait to see a trailer of the film and are trembling for the 25th of July when he will arrive at Comic. May the god of the puritans have mercy with us and make it so that the trailer will be finished for Comic-Con!

Solomon Kane Film Faces Industry Downturn

“Solomon Kane,” may yet face additional hurdles in reaching U.S. theater screens in the immediate future.  Variety is suggesting a very bleak distribution environment for recently completed independent films.  The article reports that with the first half of the year completed, it is hard not to notice the nearly complete lack of specialty film pickups by studios.

Even Fox Searchlight, one of the few remaining studio specialty divisions, has been somewhat quiet. Since picking up “The Wrestler” at Toronto last fall, the label has made just one fest purchase: “Adam,” a small indie drama that played in Sundance’s competition in January.

The consolidation of the indie and specialty-division landscape is alarming to filmmakers and sales agents, but Searchlight isn’t happy about it, either.

“We don’t want to be the last man standing with the entire burden of specialized cinema resting on our shoulders,” Searchlight’s acquisitions head Tony Safford confided as he headed out for his late-June vacation. “Without New Line and (Paramount) Vantage really being in the game, and without Warner Independent, suddenly there are 20-30 films that aren’t being distributed. Maybe half shouldn’t have been distributed, but half should have.”

John Sloss, who is repping domestic sales on two Cannes fest entries still looking for homes — Terry Gilliam’s “The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus” and Alejandro Amenabar’s “Agora” — said the specialty biz may be facing a sea change.

“I’ve been an optimist and a defender of the core elements of indie distribution, but it’s hard to explain the lack of presence of specialized distributors in the market,” Sloss said.

Sobering words indeed for those awaiting the release of the completed “Kane” film.  The dismal situation reported by Variety certainly clouds the hopes for an autumn distribution date in the U.S. that would coincide with the previously announced dates in Europe.  For now, Solomon Kane fans can only wait with crossed fingers as events play out in the coming weeks.

Financial challenges for Solomon Kane production

Back in the day when Solomon Kane was still in active production, they faced financial challenges due to currency fluctuation in Czech Republic as has been reported by screendaily. The movie was budgeted and planned in 2006 and when shooting started the currency rate had changed a lot. The article also features another production shot of Michael J. Bassett and some words on the pricing of the film itself. (Solomon Kane was shot for $25 Million)

The choice for Prag itself was not an accidental one, as Producer Paul Berrow said in the article, they chose the location on purpose because the skill set of the people they could hire there met their quality goals.

Interesting to see that something as abstracted to the average person as currency fluctuation can really push the boundaries of the possible if you handle several millions of dollars producing a movie. We can all be glad that in the end it turned out positive for Solomon Kane and that we soon will see a most likely excellent film on the big screen featuring the dark fantasy puritan.