Austin Fantastic Filmfest Reviews are coming in!

The second film festival of Solomon Kane is over and more people have gotten the chance to see the Solomon Kane Film and enjoy the puritan rising to greatness. The Austin Fantastic Filmfest was the second place where Michael J. Bassett and Paul Berrow have travelled to show their master piece to the eager and interested fantasy crowd. This crowd of genre fans of course has their own opinion on the dark fantasy horror spectacle Solomon Kane and here is a list, we will update as reviews come in, of reviews from the AFF screening.

It’s nice to see Solomon Kane reaching a broader and wider audience of genre fans, that hopefully will go out of the cinema and right on to their Facebook account to spread the word of the greatness that is Solomon Kane.

Solomon Kane TIFF Midnight Madness Report

A longer report on the Solomon Kane Midnight Madness has been published on youtube. It starts with the “red-carpet” scene where Producer Paul Berrow and Samuel Hadida together with Michael J. Bassett answer some quick questions while walking into the cinema hall right before Midnight Madness begins.

The second video is a recording of the Q&A session right after the Solomon Kane Film has been shown to the audience. Again Michael J. Bassett and James Purefoy jump back on the stage to answer the questions to the eager and interested audience.

Every piece of information I can get my hands on, just makes me more excited about the film and I am really looking forward to seeing this on the big screen around the world and I hope it will be huge success, because Solomon Kane, as one of the most interesting characters Howard invented, deserves major screen presence in the future. There are stories to be told and lessons to be learned about this wise and massively interesting character – Solomon Kane.

Toronto Film Festival is over and Solomon Kane was a huge success

Now Toronto Film Festival is over and the first public screening of Solomon Kane was supposedly a huge success, as Michael J. Bassett has written on his private blog yesterday. All over the Internet we can see reviews popping up (some of the press related reviews we’ve listed for your convenience) and especially the reviews of the Solomon Kane Film written by genre fans are hugely positive, as this example portraits.

TIFF also marks the beginning of new community related Solomon Kane projects. The official Solomon Kane Facebook page has come to live, as well as the connected Twitter and also on Myspace will you find a new home for fans of the Puritan Solomon Kane. All those are pretty fresh and I bet will receive more tweaking, content and of course followers as time goes by, so join the ride!

Midnight Madness Review of

Exclusive Featurette on MTV Splashpage

The puritan is really everywhere these days and MTV Splashpage got an amazing exclusive featurette from Solomon Kane, to wet our appetite even more – if that is even possible, I personally could eat a rhino, so to speak.

It’s a little conversation between Kane and the old father(?) of the family he befriends on his way to become a good man. Then we see many behind the scenes recordings of how the film has been shot, which is always interesting, because it shows how beautifully the sets have been built, even in broad, unedited daylight, and it is yet another salute to the talented chaps involved making this film.

First Reviews of Solomon Kane from Toronto Film Festival are in!

The times of reviews has come and we are going to collect every single one of them in this news-posting. Some of them of course will not be positive, some of them will be a raving literal applaud to the efforts of Mr. Bassett and his crew, but that is the basis of human nature, we agree to disagree. But aside the professional reviews, what I am really looking forward too is the more outspoken opinion of the crowd, so we will also be looking forward to feedback from the people that watched it in Midnight Madness.

So far the outcome is pretty positive, especially if you read between the lines of the negative reviews. Some of them criticize parts of the film, that I would deem to be qualities, that’s where we all have our different tastes I suppose. I for one cannot wait to get my eyes on that film, finally seeing Solomon Kane come to life on the big screen.

Solomon Kane High-Res Trailer released!

After we had the pleasure to get a first look at the Solomon Kane Trailer hosted by IGN, Davis Films have released a higher resolution version of the trailer on their own Solomon Kane webpage and we have included the widget in this news too, for your convenience.

I think this higher resolution version of the trailer is even more exciting, because the beautiful imagery present in this film is even more visible now. This is one of those films, that I would never want to watch only on DVD, because the cinematography alone is worth going to see it on the big screen.

The sound is also more clear and when James Purefoy says the line “I am not yet ready for hell” i get goosebumps, that lifted me off the ground after i got blown away from Rachel Hurd-Woods yell for Solomons help 🙂 – Go and watch it again, and again, and again.

The time of the puritan Solomon Kane has finally come!

It’s been a hell of a ride these last few months as Solomon Kane fan. Waiting for information, searching the dark depths of the internet, fighting your inner demons of impatience. The time of the puritan Solomon Kane has finally come with the release of not only another Director video with Michael J. Bassett, but with the release of the first official english Solomon Kane Film Trailer!

The Director Diary

The official english Solomon Kane Film Trailer

Behold the beautiful shots, the brilliant cinematography and the top-notch acting combied with high production values that do not have to shy away from any major Hollywood blockbuster of these past few years. Everything from the wigs, over to the costumes, the set pieces, the lighting is brilliant and the film seems to be absolutely brilliant to look at. To judge the inner values (the story), most of us will have to wait a bit longer, but the time has finally come where you can help the puritan! Pickup these videos, show them to anyone if you are as excited as we are, spread the word of go.. uhm of Solomon Kane!

More Solomon Kane panel videos on Photobucket

Slowly more and more little videos find their way into the depths of the Internet, showing us, the sad ones who stayed at home, some scenes from the Solomon Kane Film panel at Comic-Con. There are some photographs and some video recordings of the Solomon Kane panel discussion, some of the snippets are new ones, some you’ve already seen in the youtube videos.

Some people have also put the shaky recorded trailer up somewhere (i am not going to link it), but I have to stress the fact that a shaky, blurry trailer where you can’t understand a word, let alone hear the music, will not help the film win major audiences, who are uninitiated on who Solomon Kane or the project as a whole is. Mr. Bassett also wrote about the trailer issue and I think we should honor his opinion on this.

Please do not spread this trailer yet. Let us all wait (I know it’s painful) for the real trailer, in full-blown HD quality that will take the internet by surprise and amaze everyone who is even remotely into Fantasy right from the start with no question asked on if they wan’t to see that film or not. Of course, even the shaky trailer is bloody amazing and outright fantastic, but Solomon Kane deserves better and we must practise puritanic patience on this one 😉

Solomon Kane panel recording on Youtube!

After hoping and searching for days, finally a viewer of the Solomon Kane panel and member of the Conan Forum crowd (thanks thundarr!), who recorded the Solomon Kane panel presentation, put the interview sections of it on youtube for our pleasure. It’s only a part of the presentation and the guys do a really good job at entertaining the crowd and talk about how hard the filming was, throw in funny anecdotes and little stories. But enough words, let’s see the video list:

Let us hope that there is a person outside on youtube, who has a full recording of the presentation, now that we got this glimpse of hope 🙂

Video interview with James Purefoy and Michael J. Bassett

Thanks to Khanada (!) from the very active US James Purefoy fanpage, we finally have some video footage from Comic-Con due to an interview shot by movieweb after the presentation. James Purefoy talks about the nature of the film and how serious the filmmaking process was, how much the director Michael J. Bassett demanded from him and the other actors. He continues to describe that fighting in Solomon Kane is not choreographed to be beautiful or ballet-like, but it’s real and he likes that element about the film, that violence has a meaning and and a consequence and takes a toll on the people on screen.

In the Michael J. Bassett interview he describes that he was in love with Robert E. Howard’s Solomon Kane since he was a kid and that he thinks that REH is the godfather of Pulp. He continues to describe how and why he always wanted to explore Solomon Kane as a film character and that he hopes that after the origin story is told and the film will have introduced the audience to a great character, they can explore the Solomon Kane stories from Howard directly for future films.

Anyone who ever read some lines from Michael J. Bassett on his blog knows that he is an honest genre fan, but you can feel his emotion and ambition towards this project resonating from the interview and his words. Let’s hope this ambition influences distributors and audience alike and in the end brings us Solomon Kane earlier than later!