Two exciting clips from the movie Solomon Kane

The cinema release in France is quickly closing in and Solomon Kane is pretty much up against the marketing power of Cameron’s AVATAR, but these last weeks and days are also filled with new and exciting sneak peaks into the movie, through several teaser being released. Here we have the first two, one showing a scene from the beginning of the movie, when Solomon Kane is still a mercenary for the Queen and raids a village in North-Africa and the second one is a scene where the family he travels with gets captured by badies.

So far the media attention for these two teasers has been astonishing. Not one major or minor movie dedicated page missed out on spreading the news. Everyone is excited to see the movie and of course we are still waiting for a US-release date to be announced. Stay tuned!


Capture of Family in Forest – Solomon Kane

The Hall of Mirrors – Solomon Kane

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  1. derFeef says:

    Amazing clips, even better than the trailer. Atmosphere is already outstanding in this two short clips. The effects are also pretty well done, considering the low budget!

    Can not wait to see it somewhere, somewhen!

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