In-depth interview with Michael J. Bassett director of Solomon Kane

Yesterday evening Michael J. Bassett together with James Purefoy attended a preview screening of Solomon Kane for the french audience in Paris. We’ll see what the french audience has to say on Solomon Kane very soon. But for now here is another, very interesting in-depth interview with Michael J. Bassett on Solomon Kane, where he goes a bit more into detail about his decisions, his goals and his general intention of the film itself.

I can’t wait to hear the news of a German distributor, but since Splendid film recently picked up the rights to distribute the upcoming Conan movie, they maybe interested in more Howard material. All I can say to them (and I say it in German): “Lasst euch diese Chance nicht entgehen Splendid!”

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  1. Watched the video. I have read several of Mr. Bassett’s interviews and I thought this was the most focused and masterful one to date. Having experienced Michael’s charisma first hand at the FantasticFest in Austin, I already knew he was a persuasive guy with an obvious love and passion for film, especially the horror, sci-fi, and fantasy genres.

    Michael’s origin script and his personal vision of Robert E. Howard’s dour Puritan are not going to sit well some of the fans, but I think there is no doubt Bassett reveres Howard and genuinely believes there are hints in Howard’s stories that justify his take on Solomon Kane. Certainly he has fashioned the most respectful rendering of a Howard character by any film maker to date.

  2. Andradir says:

    Though my expectations are low, I yet hope that the movie will be shown in German cinemas.

    Usually terms like “respect for the original characters” has this meaning: ‘we don’t use them but invented our own characters’.
    I really don’t believe that this movie will be any better than earlier “Howard”-movies.
    But then, again, I still hope that they did it better, this time.

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