Exclusive Featurette on MTV Splashpage

The puritan is really everywhere these days and MTV Splashpage got an amazing exclusive featurette from Solomon Kane, to wet our appetite even more – if that is even possible, I personally could eat a rhino, so to speak.

It’s a little conversation between Kane and the old father(?) of the family he befriends on his way to become a good man. Then we see many behind the scenes recordings of how the film has been shot, which is always interesting, because it shows how beautifully the sets have been built, even in broad, unedited daylight, and it is yet another salute to the talented chaps involved making this film.

5 Responses to “Exclusive Featurette on MTV Splashpage”

  1. Pat says:

    can somebody re-post that on youtube or dailymotion or whatever? nooone outside US can see this stuff. i hate that shitty mtv player. its pure discrimination.

  2. Waldgeist says:

    Oh.. i can see it just fine from Germany. I didn’t know that MTV blocks access.

    • Waldgeist says:

      I tried to rip the video somehow from their page, but they cleverly stream it through the flash plugin and not cash the video in the browser-cache, so there is no way i can download that. It’s not even in the FLV or anything, they only buffer seconds of the video and then throw what is played into the virtual trashcan, so no one can download the content.

  3. epic movie says:

    I do hope there will be a sequel to this movie.I thought it was great!! no

  4. video says:

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