Video interview with James Purefoy and Michael J. Bassett

Thanks to Khanada (!) from the very active US James Purefoy fanpage, we finally have some video footage from Comic-Con due to an interview shot by movieweb after the presentation. James Purefoy talks about the nature of the film and how serious the filmmaking process was, how much the director Michael J. Bassett demanded from him and the other actors. He continues to describe that fighting in Solomon Kane is not choreographed to be beautiful or ballet-like, but it’s real and he likes that element about the film, that violence has a meaning and and a consequence and takes a toll on the people on screen.

In the Michael J. Bassett interview he describes that he was in love with Robert E. Howard’s Solomon Kane since he was a kid and that he thinks that REH is the godfather of Pulp. He continues to describe how and why he always wanted to explore Solomon Kane as a film character and that he hopes that after the origin story is told and the film will have introduced the audience to a great character, they can explore the Solomon Kane stories from Howard directly for future films.

Anyone who ever read some lines from Michael J. Bassett on his blog knows that he is an honest genre fan, but you can feel his emotion and ambition towards this project resonating from the interview and his words. Let’s hope this ambition influences distributors and audience alike and in the end brings us Solomon Kane earlier than later!

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  1. Khanada says:

    You’re most welcome and yes, here’s hoping all this attention doesn’t wane and studio execs will take heed and get this thing moving like it should. I loved the comments from James and Michael. Michael and I are totally on the same page when it comes to film and what draws us to it. I’m expecting one of these days to open my email and find all of these messages that Kane has a release date, the trailer is online, and there will be no more frustration and this long wait will be over! I want the first film to do well so we get the trilogy, too. Dying to see Kane get his staff in Africa! 😀

    • Waldgeist says:

      No need to feel sorry, you are the first to deliver ANYTHING from Comic-Con panel videowise so you are our hero 😀

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