The puritan Solomon Kane gets his own board game!

The well known gaming company Mythic Games have recently started a Kickstarter for their new board game based around the puritan wanderer Solomon Kane. The presentation is up to par with CMON games and the miniatures Рonly 3d renderings exist so far Рlook very promising. Their previous games had excellent production quality in assets and miniatures.

The Solomon Kane board game so far looks like a cross between a typical dungeon crawler with miniatures, a story telling game like Time Stories and other more layered elements stemming from campaign style games like Gloomhaven. It can be played from one to four players, has a solo mode and they’re planning to add a player versus player component.

Check out the Solomon Kane board game on Kickstarter!

Conan The Barbarian a new hope for Solomon Kane in the US?

It’s been a while since Solomon Kane swung the rapier on the European silver screens, but the long journey across the big pond, to the motherland of the character’s creator Robert E. Howard, has not yet been abandoned. As an independent production, Solomon Kane, as any other indie production, is a tough sell to the big distributors, because they do not want to be presented with a finalized film they cannot tweak or influence to their audience liking and more importantly, they want full control over the brand.

A brand is where the real money is these days and George Lucas knew this back in the day, when he signed the contracts with the studios, that he gets the right to produce toys and merchandise for his Star War series. Needless to say, he made millions and millions.

But there is a spark of hope. The tag-line “from the creator of Conan The Barbarian” surely sparked a bit of interest in peoples mind, but even the famous Conan brand lost a good bit of it’s charm, simply because the governor laid down his sword over 25 years ago and a brand can only live for so long, before the public interest slows down considerably. All that is about to change. Conan The Barbarian is going to come to the cinemas again this year on the 19th of August 2011 and it is published by Lionsgate.

As the producers have said, they wait up producing Red Sonja until they see how successful the Sword and Sorcery film Conan will be and we assume that a successful Conan could spark renewed interest in the Solomon Kane franchise and the movie. While the wait to see The Puritan has been long for many of us (who haven’t yet imported the DVD/Bluray), there is yet hope.

For news on the Conan movie and the latest rumour, check out Taranaich’s Conan Movie Blog.

Demand Solomon Kane in your area

As it is with all independent movie productions, after the struggle of bringing them to live, after the producers convinced the investors of their vision, they have to make the film. Very often that happens in much tighter fashion, with less money, less luxuries than the average Hollywood production. Those are the guys, that put in their heart and their soul and quite often their own private money, some of them putting their private money at risk, to realize a dream.

Solomon Kane has been adopted by many countries around europe, as the pricetag to release a movie in europe is much lower and so smaller movies or independent movies are picked much more often for a cinema release, than in bigger countries, with bigger audiences like the United States. Now that the puritan has started to take over Europe, the american distributors are still not fully convinced, they want to give Solomon Kane a wide release with proper large ad-campaign and NOW it’s your turn to help the puritan.

Help Solomon Kane to make it to the United States, Canada or wherever you live by DEMANDING IT! This has helped other independent movies like Paranormal Activity and we fans of the puritans are clearly not less passionate. So let’s create a virtual boat for Solomon Kane, so he can sail over to the new world and smash the demons of the USA.

New date for UK release for Solomon Kane and more Specials!

According to the blog of Michael J. Bassett, the release date for UK for Solomon Kane movie, has been put earlier than planned. The first dates were hinting at March, due to a similar window of the possible US release, but now Paul Berrow and Mr. Bassett have announced, that the UK release will be happening at the 19th of February this year. Aside from that the Spanish and Russian cinema audience seems to be enjoying Solomon Kane a lot more than the French did. The publishers told Mr. Berrow (as he told the fans in the boards) that the movie is making a good move in those territories.

And on that bombshell it’s time to show you more of the constantly pushed out specials and making of’s for the Solomon Kane Movie, that try to show you more of it’s production and blood and sweat and tears and the passion that went into making it.

Solomon Kane Movie Making of (wrong aspect ratio)

The Fights of Solomon Kane

Michael J. Bassett interviewed by REH fan about Solomon Kane Movie

Both producer Paul Berrow and director Michael J. Bassett have been very open and communicative with the followers of Robert E. Howard on the official REH Forums. This time a fellow Robert E. Howard fan got the chance to snatch away some time in the interview section of the spanish premiere, to ask Michael J. Bassett some of the questions that have been circling around in the REH community for a while.

Interview with Michael J. Bassett about Solomon Kane

More clips from the Solomon Kane Movie

France is being invaded by the puritan Solomon Kane and the ever working marketing machinery doesn’t stand still, not even over the holidays. Here we have two more interesting and great looking clips from the Solomon Kane Movie.

One shows a fight scene in a courtyard against some witch and her followers while the other is a making of, explaining the creature creation of Solomon Kane in more detail.

Every clip that is being released so far just heightens my anticipation, because every scene is dark and moody and matches Howard’s description of the world very well. Even though Michael J. Bassett took quite some liberties from REH to create his origin story, he certainly captured the world and the mood essence of REH’s yarns perfectly.

Fight in Courtyard

Creature Features

Two exciting clips from the movie Solomon Kane

The cinema release in France is quickly closing in and Solomon Kane is pretty much up against the marketing power of Cameron’s AVATAR, but these last weeks and days are also filled with new and exciting sneak peaks into the movie, through several teaser being released. Here we have the first two, one showing a scene from the beginning of the movie, when Solomon Kane is still a mercenary for the Queen and raids a village in North-Africa and the second one is a scene where the family he travels with gets captured by badies.

So far the media attention for these two teasers has been astonishing. Not one major or minor movie dedicated page missed out on spreading the news. Everyone is excited to see the movie and of course we are still waiting for a US-release date to be announced. Stay tuned!


Capture of Family in Forest – Solomon Kane

The Hall of Mirrors – Solomon Kane

In-depth interview with Michael J. Bassett director of Solomon Kane

Yesterday evening Michael J. Bassett together with James Purefoy attended a preview screening of Solomon Kane for the french audience in Paris. We’ll see what the french audience has to say on Solomon Kane very soon. But for now here is another, very interesting in-depth interview with Michael J. Bassett on Solomon Kane, where he goes a bit more into detail about his decisions, his goals and his general intention of the film itself.

I can’t wait to hear the news of a German distributor, but since Splendid film recently picked up the rights to distribute the upcoming Conan movie, they maybe interested in more Howard material. All I can say to them (and I say it in German): “Lasst euch diese Chance nicht entgehen Splendid!”

Official release of several SK release dates

After a long time of wait, some rumours and some times being written on IMDB and then taken down, the official Solomon Kane Facebook Page has released a couple of release dates for some of the areas where Solomon Kane will get a cinema release.

Here is the list of Solomon Kane release dates:

  • France – 23rd December 2009
  • Russia – 31st December 2009
  • Spain – 1st January 2010
  • Netherlands – 14th January 2010
  • UK – 5th February 2010

Now all the rest of us has to do is sit tight and hope other distributors come out in the open with their dates too or in the case of the US area, buy the movie and release it to a broad audience!

Solomon Kane got picked up by Lionsgate for the US!

Lionsgate did pick up Solomon Kane for a US release, according to Fangoria. There is no release date, not even a vague one as the plans Lionsgate has with the movie are not yet totally clear. It remains to be seen, they continue, of Solomon Kane will get a cinema release, before going to DVD.

I really hope that Solomon Kane gets a wide US release, with all the advertising shabang the movie deserves. It would break my heart to see this pearl go direct-to-dvd just because the distributors are afraid of anything coming out of the independent market.


The director Michael J. Bassett has posted on his twitter, that the rumour about Lionsgate is not true. This is sad news, let’s hope someone picks up SK for real soon.